Agreement In Relationship Where Greek

- December 02, 2020

Specifically, if, as a citizen of a third country, you have established a genuine relationship with a Greek or European national residing in Greece and if your common wish is to live together in that country, whether you are a heterosexual couple or a same-sex group, you have the opportunity to enter into a cohabitation agreement before a Greek notary. The establishment of such a document requires a valid residence document, a three-month stamp or a Schengen visa on the passport. In addition, any life partner cannot legally be married to a third party or be involved in another life contract. When the cohabitation agreement is ready, it should be registered with the local registry office, with the cohabitation certificate issued to the partners. While the visa (or residence document) is still in effect, the two documents mentioned above, along with a number of other documents, must be submitted to the relevant authority to apply for a residence permit for life partners. Once the request has been met, the original document is issued for one year. The residence permit may be renewed if the cohabitation agreement between a third country national and his Greek or European partner is still in force. One of the main features of the agreement is the strengthening of intellectual property rights. While the initial 1980 agreement with Greece did not contain language to protect intellectual property, the new agreement is a full-fledged agreement on science and technology, which underscores the growing recognition between the two countries that cooperation between science and technology is a necessary element not only for economic growth.

, but also for bilateral relations. The new agreement defines intellectual property, defines the allocation of rights and requires parties to protect confidential business information in accordance with relevant laws. In addition, it is customary for those who have travelled to Greece to return constantly. Such a return is more often due to the establishment of a link between customers and residents. Many foreigners who have a close personal relationship with the Greeks therefore feel that they are settling in this country to end the distance between them. And it is a fact that the number of “mixed” couples in Greece is increasing rapidly from year to year. A Scientific and Technological Agreement (STA) is a legally binding document between two governments, which establishes a framework for cooperation within a set of agreed important guiding principles. A STA creates a mechanism for both governments to coordinate the cooperation agenda, establishes rights and obligations related to the protection of intellectual property rights, and establishes guidelines for dispute resolution.

Those of our readers who have established a relationship with a Greek national or other European national residing in Greece and who wish to obtain a residence permit in that country, even if their visa is about to expire, can contact the International Law Office of Mrs Svetlana Kasatkina-Kouskou. We will be able to manage your case to ensure that all necessary documents are immediately concentrated and that the request is forwarded in a timely manner to the appropriate department of the Ministry of Migration Policy. Our long-standing practice in the field of immigration legislation guarantees a successful conclusion! Topline: The new scientific and technological agreement between the United States and Greece strengthens intellectual property rights and establishes a framework for a new partnership on scientific and technological issues. Technology companies are already strengthening their presence in Greece. The agreement shows how smart public policy can help countries emerge from a productivity slowdown. The agreement reflects a growing partnership between the two countries, particularly with regard to the digital economy.