Cooperative Agreements Far

- September 15, 2021

However, NASA`s share of these additional costs must in no case exceed the amount of the next planned milestone payment. (4) If other government authorities present themselves as partners with NASA (e.g. .B. Ministry of Defence or Federal Aviation Administration), the resources implemented by a government authority shall be counted as part of the government`s full participation under the Cooperation Agreement. The Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Act of 1977 (P.L. 95-224, 31 USC 6301 et seq.) makes the fundamental distinctions between purchase contracts, grants, and cooperation agreements. (4) The payment of a final milestone should be structured in such a way that the corresponding payment is sufficiently large to encourage the beneficiary to carry out its tasks under the Cooperation Agreement. Funds may also be set aside for payment after completion of efforts. This essential participation usually takes the form of (1) managing the allocation of resources between sub-projects, sites or institutions, or (2) active participation in the conduct of the research. Normal oversight and accountability is not an essential part. (f) applicability of the benefit. No benefit shall be paid to beneficiaries under cooperation agreements.

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