Digital Music Distribution Agreement

- December 07, 2020

This distribution agreement (this “agreement”) is a binding legal agreement between you and DIGITUNES MEDIA LLP – our website “” (“Digitunes” or “we”) regarding your use of our Digitunes service to distribute your music recordings to digital services and stores (our “Service”). If you enter into this agreement on behalf of one or more other persons, a group or a company or another organization, you declare to us and guarantee, by accepting this agreement, that you are entitled to do so on behalf of all these persons/entities and to lead them to that agreement, and that Digitunes has the full right to remit (in this case, the term “you” includes all of these entities). ii. Create and authorize digital stores to create and display and make public free preview clips of your recordings and music compositions that they contain via streaming format; By this agreement, the holder of master recordings (usually a label or self-published artist) grants a company the right to distribute “discs” in any format (CDs, phonographs, audio cassettes, digital, DVD, etc.) for a period (the term) and in certain countries (The Territory). (i) you are at least 18 years old and have the legal capacity, the right and the power to conclude this agreement; (ii) you hold the necessary copyrights and other rights or, in other ways, you fully possess the rights, licenses and privileges conferred on them and that the exercise of these rights, licences and privileges by Digitunes, its aggregators and our successors and licensed recipients and their respective beneficiaries do not violate or violate applicable legislation, rules or rules or rights; (iii) that you have received all the necessary rights, consents, licences and authorizations from third parties, including mechanical licenses, copyright holders or copyright holders, in order to grant all rights and licences and, moreover, to fully honour all obligations under this contract, to pay all payments and, in other way, to carry out all the obligations you impose on it; (iv) neither their records nor their documents, and the use authorized by Digitunes, Digital Stores and their customers may not infringe copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property rights or other rights (including, but not limited to the rights of the public, privacy or moral rights) of third parties, or to violate applicable contracts, laws, laws, regulations, rules or regulations; (v) files containing the records and materials you download or otherwise provide to us do not contain errors, viruses, Trojans or other defects or harmful elements or restrictions on the management of digital rights; (vi) there are no real or imminent claims, disputes, administrative or other proceedings, or other actions relating to records or materials, or in any other way, against the full exploitation of all rights and licences granted to them; (vii) all data, metadata and information provided by you as part of or under this Contract are accurate, accurate and complete, and you agree to update it without delay over the life, as required; (viii) They and Digitunes will not be responsible for payments related to registrations and equipment other than those covered in paragraph 7 bis; (ix) use the website and service only in accordance with this agreement and not for fraudulent, hurtful or inappropriate purposes; (x) any sale, assignment, assignment, mortgage or other rights grant on or for your interest in any of the recordings or materials is subject to our rights and the terms of this contract; (xi) there is no existing agreement and you do not enter into an agreement or take action that seriously infringes or contradicts the rights conferred on us under this Agreement; and (xii) You have read and understood this agreement and you have had the opportunity to consult an independent lawyer in relation to them.