Honkai Impact 3 User Agreement

- April 10, 2021

[S-Rank Rank Battlesuit| Burning Rhythm ]On that day, Swan Lake was silent and the sleeping beauty awoke from a nightmare. That day, she had no choice but to embark on a long and lonely journey. [Mlotov Cherry]s from Battlesuit [Fervent Tempo]Debut! Its code name is DELTA. Sign up during the event period to claim free [Molotov Cherry] or its Augment Core materials to unlock [Fervent Tempo`]! [New | Honkai Quest] Through countless dangers and efforts, the adventurer and his companions finally defeated the Dark Lord and brought peace to the world, but the adventurer never returned. To find her, her sister has entered her own epic story. New event [Honkai Quest] is unfolding! Dare you with captains everywhere to win seele`s new outfit [dream seeker] [Molotov] materials grown core, crystals and old wills! [ELF | Tesla ZERO]To make the past past and the future into the future. The masterpiece of a masterpiece and the key to unlocking the forbidden. Elf [Tesla ZERO] wakes up! [History chapter XX | Phoenix] Kiana and Bronya arrived on Mount Taixuan and discovered a secret in the memories left by Fu Hua. Chapter XX of the story is published! Explore the stigma of events, the supply card and the material for Molotov Cherrys Augment Core! [New equipment] Unleash new powers! PRI-ARMs [Sleeper`s Dream] and [Domain of Revelation], Blade [Nue of the Shadow] have joined Arsenal! This pen will unmask all that is unfair! Pen of Critic Set [Dickens] has joined Arsenal! Honkai Impact 3rd Subscription Service Features and Apple Subscription Service User Notice1. Subscription content [Adventure Commander] (30 days) / (90 days) / (180 days). Claim daily the following items:- Endurance soup x2, Asterit x200, Mithril x1,000, 50% Captain Chip x1 [Valkyrie Guild] (30 days) / (90 days) / (180 days). Claim the following items daily: – Valkyrie Fragvyom x1. Open to randomly get the battlesuit x1 fragment of the following points: Night Squire / Stalker: Phantom Iron / Yamabuki Armor / Valkyrie Pledge- Random Battlesuit Supply Crate.

A random fragment of battlesuit x1 and an ADV EXP x1 chip. (Memory of Ai-chan: you can even get fragments of S-Rank Battlesuit!) Subscription bonuses are delivered daily to your mailbox on your first connection.2.