Serviced Apartment Agreement

- December 17, 2020

The rental of a furnished apartment requires insurance covering all damage suffered during the client`s stay. In the case of a stay of 90 days or less, the customer must accept the insurance provided by Le Travel Absolu at a fixed price of 1 euro per day per capita, regardless of the rental fee. This insurance does not cover the theft of the client`s personal property, a risk against which the customer must purchase his own insurance. For a stay of more than 90 days, “All Risks – Occupier” insurance is required. When it comes to renting a property, let`s just say, vanilla buy-to-lets – with additional rental processes. An AST (a guaranteed short tenancy agreement) is very often used by tenants and landlords. When leaving the apartment, the client must not leave the keys in the apartment or in the keyhole of the apartment, unless these are the instructions of a Travel Absolu employee. In case of loss of an apartment key, the client is responsible for the cost of changing the locks. The main difference between a service apartment hotel and a traditional hotel with a single owner is the use of special real estate laws (usually known in Australia as “strata title laws”) to allow for separate legal ownership of each room and certain aspects of non-housing components. These include houses and backs, retail facilities and service spaces.

Damage: A refundable $300 security deposit must be delivered before arrival. This will be refunded after the check-out after our budget report. Damage to the apartment must be fully paid for by the client. In case of fractures, damage or additional cleaning required after the customer has been evacuated, Week2Week will be the book and/or guest, with a detailed breakdown of the problems and the cost of the repair. Where possible, photographic evidence is also made available to the client. If you want to change your booking, Week2Week will do everything in its power to meet your needs. All changes must be confirmed in writing. The required notice period is 14 days for all bookings. Any reimbursement of the costs will be subject to the relocation of the apartment.

However, they are required to bear the additional costs resulting from the change. In addition, Week2Week may, at its sole discretion, charge a $50 change fee, plus VAT, to cover the necessary administrative costs. They are informed of who they are using, but our contract says, “We commit the first or fifteenth of each month to give you x books per month for your apartment, just like.” In the event that a guest has to leave before the agreed departure date, Week2Week will do everything in its power to obtain reimbursement of accommodation costs for the rest of the stay. However, any refund is subject to the rental of the apartment and is subject to a cancellation fee of 50.00 USD plus VAT. Now when it comes to other types of rental profiles or other types of rental contracts – and we do a number of different real estate on this site. We look at social housing, we look at HMOs, we look at service accommodation, and they all have slightly different structures. Broadband: Broadband is available free of charge at all apartment sites. Passport codes are shown at check-in. However, Week2Week is not responsible for errors related to the user`s hardware or software and no support will be available, and Week2Week will not provide any compensation for the non-functioning of the work. Dongles may be provided as an alternative, but it will be the guest`s responsibility to pay for “Pay as you go go top ups”. Week2Week cannot provide guarantees that they work with the user`s hardware or software. Week2Week cannot guarantee their use and is not responsible for their work stoppage, nor will they offer any form of compensation.

Our assistance in the event of a problem is limited to contacting the service provider and only during office hours, i.e.: